Arsey Rob doesn't like silence, it drives him crazy. He doesn't even like the word "silence". In a desperate attempt to stop himself from going insane he began to make sounds using everyday household objects such as saucepans, vacuum cleaners and pairs of curtains. Over time these random noises somehow became more rhythmic and structured until they developed into music. This back to basics approach still forms the basis of all the Arsey Rob tracks you hear to this day.

As he grew older he discovered, quite by accident, that equipment is available specifically for making unusual noises, so he saved up his pocket money to buy his first synthesizer, the classic Korg MS-10. He also learned that certain sounds tend to attract the opposite sex, just like mating calls in the animal kingdom.

When you listen to Arsey Rob, please remember that you are not just listening to electronic music, you are listening to what makes the man tick. You are listening to his heart, his soul, his dreams and his fears, all expressed through his clever use of sound manipulation. The answer to many of life's problems are all there in the music, so you'd better shut up, lie down on your sofa and let Arsey Rob do the talking for a change, OK?

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